Ultralon foams suitable for a wide range of industries


Chosen for its buoyancy and resistance to absorb water and oils, Ultralon PE foam is used widely in the Aquacultrure industry for floats and protection.


When safety is required in damp or wet environments, Ultralon anti-slip range of flooring materials provide traction under foot with durable, anti-slip grip that won’t absorb water, grease or oils.  An easy to maintain solution.

Ultralon foam flooring also provides relief from fatigue in standing operation.  Flooring can be custom machined to suit your requirements and fit with your floor layout.

Foam for Sanding Pads

Ultralon supplies foam to one of the world’s largest manufacturer of cosmetic nail buffers.  With sales in excess of 22 million buffers a year, they are the number #1 preferred choice of sale technicians.

Ultralons closed cell cross-linked EVA foam is combined with specialist adhesive allowing excellent penetration and adhesion of the grit to the surface, creating a deep bond.