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Ultralon Foams


Our tightly controlled manufacturing processes, using only high quality, non-hazardous raw materials, plus a high level of technical expertise and the latest moulding technology and equipment, place us amongst the most highly regarded PE and EVA foam manufacturers in the world.

This approach enables us to offer customers quality, reliability and consistency of product, and makes ours the foam of choice for demanding applications such as protective gear, safety mats and performance ski boot liners.

Closed cell, chemically cross-linked polyolefin foam

Ultralon closed cell chemically cross-linked foams are manufactured from polyethylene (PE), ethyl-vinyl-acetate copolymers (EVA) or a high-tech blended copolymer. The fine cell structure gives minimal water absorption, a high buoyancy rating and excellent chemical resistance.

All Ultralon foams have a very high level of cross-linking (70-80%), which provides excellent tensile properties. Their superior thermo-moulding and thermo-forming characteristics are a result of Ultralon’s unique manufacturing process. A high amount of deformation and shape is possible by pre-heating foam and placing in cold mould under pressure. Intricate parts require heating and cooling of the foam in the same mould.

Ultralon foams are produced in moulded bun form and can be trimmed to size and thickness. They are easily processed, using standard foam-processing machinery. No chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) product or derivatives are used, and no fillers are added to foams. Brighter colours may experience some colour deterioration over time, but standard foams generally have good UV stability. Stabilisers can be added on request.

Various densities are available, in a wide range of standard colours. High density foams have a greater intensity of colour than low density foams (30-75kgm3). Special colour matches to customers requirements can be achieved, but minimum order quantities apply. All pigments used comply with food manufacturing equipment specifications relating to food contact. Ultralon normally delivers ex-factory two weeks from confirmation of order, and low minimum quantities allow customers to order specific foams at very economical rates.

Benefits of Ultralon foam:

• Minimal water absorption
• Good impact absorption
• Low weight
• Superior thermo-forming
• Excellent insulation
• Resistance to ‘packing out’
• Superior tear strength/toughness
• Suitable for contact with food