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Swim & Exercise

Swim and Exercise


Swim aids

Soft, comfortable, durable foam swim aids to provide buoyancy. Made from PE foam that will not absorb water and won’t chip or break with normal use.

Kick board

Ideal for helping children train or learn to swim. Lightweight, easy to handle. Two sizes.

Back floats

Back floats provide maximum buoyancy for toddlers as they learn to swim. Layers can be removed as the child gains confidence. Suited for 2 years +. Body weight 12-25kg.

Pool Jogger

Soft, comfortable, durable foam with adjustable strap and easy clip buckle.
Suitable for body weight: 50kg to 100kg.


Exercise Mats and Camping Mats

Tough and durable foam mats. The foam insulates and does not absorb moisture. Army-tough material. Rolls up for easy storage with elastic tie straps for easy storage. Ideal for camping, the beach or exercise and yoga.

Two sizes: single or double.