Thermobreak® Thermaloc


Light weight and extremely tough Thermobreak® Thermaloc is a high density, closed cell, cross linked polyethylene polymer foam pipe support for hot and cold applications.

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Easy to Install

Thermobreak® Thermaloc installation is as simple as placing the two pieces over the pipe, squeezing together gently and applying foil tape.

  • Preformed making for a quick, easy and clean installation.
  • Fibre free means no mess during installation or service.


  • Thermobreak® Thermaloc’s closed cell technology is unaffected by water and humidity as well as being resistant to detergents, diluted acids, alkalis, alcohols, esters and fungi ensuring performance in even the most demanding applications and over the life of the installation.
  • Once sealed, Thermobreak® Thermaloc’s profile ensures an airtight finish preventing potential air condensation especially in cold line applications.
  • Thermobreak® Thermaloc’s high density foam also absorbs pipe contraction and expansion movements preventing gap formation and erosion of the ferrule over time.

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