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U-FEND Marine Fenders


The U-Fend range of boat and dock fenders are designed for maximum protection. Made from closed-cell EVA foam with hard wearing, non-marking outer they offer excellent shock absorption without marking. Renowned for their consistently fine cell structure and even density, U-Fend foam fenders are built for longevity and will not puncture, deflate, burst or sink. They are highly resistant to water or oil absorption.

U-FEND Flat Fenders

U-Fend boat fenders offer excellent shock absorption when docking or tying boat to boat. Made from hard wearing EVA foam with a non-marking PE outer, fenders won't puncture or deflate. The flat design prevents them from rolling or riding up and makes them easier to stow. Multiple fenders can be fastened together with our hook and loop strap to create a modular system for longer or wider protection.

Fenders can also double as a knee pad or seat cushion.

COLOURS: White & White/Grey
SIZES: (mm): Small (495 x 190 x 54), Medium (650 x 245 x 75), Large (965 x 315 x 75), Extra Large
(965 x 480 x 75)
SIZES: (inch): Small (20″ x 7.5″ x 2.1″), Medium (26″ x 9.8″ x 3″), Large (38.6″ x 12.6″ x 3″), Extra Large (38.6″ x 19.2″ x 3″)


U-FEND Dock Fenders

U-Fend dock fenders offer excellent shock absorption and are very easy to fit. The fenders have preformed holes so you can screw them straight on. A pack-out kit is included should your dock have protruding bolts or d-rings, giving extra clearance for a good fit to most docks. Made from hard wearing EVA foam with a non-marking PE outer.

SIZES: 1m & 2m straights (40″ & 80″), 45˚ &  90˚ inner/outer corners

Supplied with stainless washers and foam screw plugs